As the victim of a serious car accident, you have rights afforded to you under your state's personal injury laws. However, as someone outside of the legal industry, you may have no idea of what those rights are or how to make use of them.

Instead of letting your chances for justice and compensation pass you by, you can retain legal representation to take your case. You can let an experienced auto accident lawyer counsel and advocate for you both in and out of the courtroom.

Making Criminal Charges Stick

Law enforcement may have arrested the driver who caused your wreck. This person might have been under the influence at the time of the accident. They also may have been fleeing the police or texting on his or her phone.

However, many times, law enforcement can only get the charges to stick if victims are willing to carry them through all the way. If you do not testify against the driver, you could cause the prosecutor to drop the charges.

Your auto accident lawyer can help make sure that the charges stick and that your testimony becomes an important part of the case. They can also ensure that the driver's insurer is entirely aware of the driver's negligence. This information can be vital in holding the insurer financially accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

Going for Financial Compensation

Once the insurance provider understands that their client is both criminally and civilly negligible in the case, they may more readily offer you a settlement. In fact, your auto accident lawyer may have such an airtight case that they could easily win a lawsuit in court. In light of this, the insurer may be willing to start negotiations with your lawyer to pay you a settlement and close out your case fast.

Your auto accident lawyer can spearhead the negotiations and make sure that you get a settlement that is the same amount or more than what you could win in court. They can take a settlement that not only compensates you for your pain and suffering. It can also cover your court cost and lawyer fees.

An auto accident lawyer can serve you well after a serious car wreck. They can hold the driver criminally accountable. Your lawyer can also negotiate a settlement to win you compensation for your damages.

To learn more, contact an auto accident lawyer near you.