The driver who hit your car might insist that they weren't drunk, but you can still prove that the driver was drunk with the help of a drunk driving accident attorney and an expert witness. The evidence found at the scene of the accident can be presented in court as evidence of drunk driving. 

The Behavior of the Driver

How the driver behaved on the road can serve as evidence of drunk driving. For example, the driver might have been swerving or ignoring traffic indicators. However, to prove that this is the case, you will need:

  • Witness testimony
  • Surveillance footage
  • An admission of bad driving

Some drivers might actually admit that they were driving erratically before the accident while in a conversation with you. For example, they might say that they didn't see the stop sign. A nearby business, such as a gas station, might also have a security camera that saw the driver swerving in and out of lanes. However, obtaining this information might be difficult unless a drunk driving accident attorney uses their legal powers to obtain the footage.

Interactions with the Drunk Driver

Your drunk driving accident attorney might interview both you and the other witnesses about the behavior of the other driver after the accident. They might have dilated pupils, a dazed expression, bloodshot eyes, and slurred speech. The driver might also be difficult to interact with due to the influence of alcohol and might be combative. You might forget some details about your interaction with the intoxicated driver so it's important to write them down and also ask the witnesses to record what they remember. 

The Crash Itself

The driver might smash into you without stopping. Alcohol can slow down a driver's reaction time and affect judgment. The driver might not think to slam on the brakes and this can affect the physical evidence found at the scene of the accident.

Your drunk driving accident attorney might work for a law firm that hires expert witnesses. These are individuals who can use their expertise to support your version of the events. For example, the debris that was thrown from your vehicle can be used to calculate how the accident occurred and can then be used to prove that the driver was intoxicated.

If the driver is liable for the accident, the fact that they were drinking and driving will still be relevant because you may be able to pursue punitive damages. Learn more by contacting a drunk driving accident attorney.