When you become injured and need to file a personal injury lawsuit, there are several types of professionals who may become involved in your case. Besides your personal injury lawyer, an important source of information is your medical exam carried out by your physician. However, an insurance provider might be concerned that the doctor you hire may be biased and might therefore choose to request that you meet with an independent medical examiner.

The Purpose of the Independent Medical Examiner

The insurance provider of the defendant is always concerned with reducing their liability. Therefore, they may request that you meet with an independent medical examiner who can then testify on behalf of the insurance provider if necessary. However, you should not submit to this unless you are required to by law.

For this reason, it's important to involve a personal injury attorney in your case as soon as possible. An attorney can help you make sure that you don't make mistakes that can potentially jeopardize your case. Also, if you are required to receive an independent medical examination, your attorney can help you make sure that you go about it in the right way.

How to Handle an Independent Medical Examination

You will not want to exaggerate your injuries or the pain that you have experienced. Instead, you will want to speak frankly and also avoid answering leading questions. Ideally, you'll want to bring another doctor to your examination. If you're not able to, consider at least bringing a friend or family member.

Arguments Made By the Independent Medical Examiner

The physician might argue that you had a preexisting condition and that you weren't injured by the incident. However, your personal injury attorney will gather together documents that prove that you were not injured prior to the incident.

Your attorney might encourage your own personal physician to write a letter to the insurance provider. Also, your attorney might pressure the physician to disclose their relationship with the insurance provider.

Actions You Should Take

You will need to find witnesses who can back up your claims. These can include witnesses who saw the accident and witnesses who came with you during your exam. They will be able to testify on your behalf if you are later required to take your case to court. Regardless of whether you speak with an independent medical examiner or not, a personal injury attorney will help you approach this manner in the best way.