The first few minutes or hours after being involved in a car crash might be very confusing, as you wonder what to do next. As a result, your emotions will likely run high, affecting what you do or say at the accident scene. Unfortunately, the wrongdoer and investigators can and will use the things you say against you when you file a lawsuit. That is why you need to consult a professional car accident lawyer for more information immediately after being involved in a vehicle collision. They will advise you on what to say or not say. Here're things to avoid saying.

Saying Sorry to Other Victims

You might be sympathetic to the other victims if they've sustained severe injuries or their vehicles have been completely wrecked after a collision. As a result, you might decide to tell them that you're sorry even if you were not at fault. Unfortunately, your act of humanity might turn against you. The wrongdoer might use that statement to insinuate that you said sorry because you believed that you were guilty. Consequently, the prosecution might press charges against you, making you pay for a crime you never committed. For this reason, you should never say that you're sorry when talking to other people involved in the collision.

Saying That You Should Handle the Issue Yourselves

If the vehicle collision is not fatal, you might be tempted to ask the other party that you handle the case without involving lawyers and law enforcement officers. They might also support your idea, instructing you not to inform the authorities about the accident. That is a bad idea, and it might cost you dearly in the future. You might start noticing signs of injuries related to the accident several weeks or months later and decide to sue the other driver. However, that might be challenging because you might not have evidence to support your injury claim.

That is why you should always report an accident to the law enforcers, no matter how small it seems. They will conduct a comprehensive investigation and interrogate eyewitnesses to determine what caused the vehicle collision. They will then write a report showing what happened before, during, and after the car crash. According to their observation, it will also include a summary suggesting who the wrongdoer was. You can use it as evidence when you decide to take legal action against the wrongdoer.

After a car crash, the things you say can make or break your lawsuit. That's why it is not advisable to share accident details with anyone before consulting with an experienced car accident attorney. They will advise you on what to say to different parties to ensure that you don't say anything that might make you get less or miss out on the compensation you deserve.