When you undergo surgery, there is a risk that the surgery will not go well or that there will be complications and you might become injured as a result. For example, you might suffer from brain damage as a result of surgery. However, in some cases, the surgeon might be at fault and you may need to speak with another doctor and a personal injury attorney to seek compensation for your injuries.

How a Botched Surgery Can Cause Brain Damage

Surgery can cause brain damage in a variety of ways. One common reason why brain damage occurs is that the brain is deprived of oxygen. Also, if you are undergoing brain surgery or surgery on a nearby part of the body, a mistake could lead to you suffering brain damage.

One of the most common causes of brain damage is when the anesthesiologist fails to properly administer the anesthesia. Another common reason why brain damage occurs is that you were not properly monitored during the surgery.

What to Do After Your Surgery

After your surgery, if you suspect that you have suffered a brain injury, you will want to see another doctor as soon as possible. It can be difficult to determine if you are suffering from a head injury because of the symptoms that occur such as dizziness, headaches, and confusion.

These symptoms can be the result of a variety of conditions. However, if your doctor is able to diagnose you with a brain injury, you will then be able to use this fact to seek legal damages.

Financial Damages for Brain Injuries During Surgery

You will always want to seek help from a personal injury attorney before you pursue compensation for your brain damage due to surgery. For one, you will need to gather enough evidence to present a solid case. You will also need help from a personal injury attorney to make a solid legal argument. Finally, you will need an attorney to calculate the full extent of your damages.

You will be entitled to compensation for any future medical bills you will need to pay for, lost wages, lost future earning potential, and pain and suffering. Your partner will also be able to seek damages for loss of consortium. You will be able to pursue these damages by filing a claim with the doctor's medical malpractice insurance provider, which is sometimes required by state law, or by taking the defendant to court.

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