After an auto accident, you should always take photos. When you are involved in a hit and run accident, you have an extra set of circumstances to deal with. You have even more reason to take photos after this kind of accident.

A hit and run accident can be serious, especially if you still don't know who hit you. This means you might be working with an attorney to determine the next steps in your case. These are some of the things you need to take photos of.

The Vehicles Involved

If you are able to get any photos or videos of the other vehicle involved, try to do so. Driving with a dash cam, for instance, can shed light on who may have perpetrated the hit and run incident.

If you are not able to capture the other vehicle, you should at least take photos of your own vehicle in the aftermath of the accident. If other cars were involved and stuck around at the scene, take photos of them as well.

Capture the damage from multiple angles to capture the extent of the property damage you may be able to receive compensation for. You might even spot clues in the process, including paint chips and license plate frames that have fallen off.

The Entire Scene

The entire scene also needs some photos. It is important to capture the entire context of the scene. Where are traffic signs and signals? Where did each car come from? Capture as many details as possible, including street signs, skid marks, and other property damage caused during the incident.

Your Injuries

You should also capture photos of your injuries as part of your case. You will need to demonstrate your injuries to your insurance company or another insurance company. You can also take pictures of your injuries as they either heal or worsen so that you can show your recovery after the accident.

These photos will provide additional proof of your injuries and show that the accident is what caused them. Your insurance company will want to see this information, as will your personal injury attorney.

Speak With an Auto Accident Attorney

A hit and run accident lawyer can provide you with the information you need to make a strong case. Whether you are up against another driver or an insurance company, an attorney can help you make some steps in the right direction. Consult with an attorney today to learn more about how you can use these photos in your favor.