When someone purchases a product, they expect that it is safe to use and will not cause any kind of harm to his or her body. Even if a manufacturer generally has safe products to use, it is possible for some of them to accidentally be placed on store shelves with defects. For example, a batch of lotion can be sent to stores after it has been accidentally mixed with a chemical or other contents that can cause harm to skin. A variety of lotion products are sold in the market to satisfy the needs of each individual, as some people are allergic or sensitive to certain things that are used in such products. If you used a lotion product that led to your skin or another aspect of your body reacting badly, hiring a lawyer to argue your case is a good way to hold the manufacturer liable.

How the Product Caused Harm

Speak to a lawyer about the specific way that the lotion product cause harm to your body, such as whether you developed a rash, experienced breathing difficulty, or got inflamed skin. You might need to give him or her details about the contents, such as if you found out that there was a chemical in it that isn't mentioned on the bottle. A manufacturer might not be responsible for mentioning all of the ingredients, but certain ones that are possibly harmful should sometimes include a warning. Even if the product is made of natural ingredients, a warning may have been necessary. A natural ingredient example is nuts, as they are commonly avoided by certain people due to allergies.

Holding the Manufacturer Liable

It is your responsibility to prove that the product is defective, which a lawyer can handle for you. A lawyer can find out which batch of the lotion product you purchased to determine if it is defective. His or her investigation will include finding out if other individuals experienced similar reactions to the product, and if they purchased lotion from the same batch. The lawyer will also make sure the lotion wasn't defective as a result of being tampered with at the store where it was sold, which wouldn't make the manufacturer liable.

Settling or Going to Trial in Court

The final aspect of your case will be to get paid for what you went through. A lawyer can possibly get you a fast settlement, such as if he or she is able to obtain solid evidence. The evidence can be presented during mediation if the manufacturer agrees to attempt settling out of court. Without agreeing to mediation, a lawyer can make sure you are compensated via the court system, such as after going through trial. Click here for more information.