Safe driving is challenging. You not only need to pay attention to how you are driving, but you must also pay attention to the behavior of the other drivers. This is especially true if another motorist is engaged in distracted driving. If the distracted driver causes an accident and you suffer damages, the fact that the driver was distracted can affect your case.

Distracted Driving Is Very Dangerous

Drivers are expected to show due care to avoid creating a dangerous situation. However, some drivers will not pay close attention while driving, and this is one of the most common causes of an accident. The driver might not brake when necessary or may accidentally drift into the wrong lane. 

Trust Your Intuition

Many drivers simply have a sense that something is wrong when they observe another driver. At night, they might notice an illuminating light on the face of another driver. This is a sign that the driver is checking his or her cell phone.

Beware of Erratic Driving

If the vehicle seems like it's out of control, this is a sign of a distracted driver. For instance, if the driver is veering into other lanes, not following road signs and driving dangerously close to other vehicles, he or she might be distracted. Look for evidence that the driver is engaging in angry hand gestures, which might indicate that the driver is arguing with a passenger in the car.

Bring Up the Distracted Driving During Your Case

You may try to drive safely and avoid an accident, but there are some cases where you cannot avoid the accident if the driver is distracted. For example, if the driver is distracted and changes lanes without checking his or her blind spot, you may collide with the other driver's vehicle. 

In more complex cases, determining fault can be difficult, but the other driver's distracted behavior can swing the case in your favor. If you have other witnesses who also noticed the behavior, you'll be able to call upon them during a trial, and you can also use witnesses as leverage to negotiate a settlement out of court.

Seek Help from an Auto Accident Attorney

The sooner you involve an auto accident attorney in your case, the better off you will be. The auto accident attorney will assist you in gathering the evidence that is necessary to prove that the driver was distracted and was at fault for the accident.

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